Saravan & Kinuko – Coolum Beach 24th March

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This week the spotlight is on Saravan & Kin !

As Wedding photographers we’re always confronted with different wedding ceremony conditions, it could be sunny, it could be wet, it could be snowing ! Well today it rained, oh boy did it rain … Usually I’d have umbrellas  on hand but as we were at a resort and my car was nowhere near us we were taken totally by surprise and it didn’t just rain, it POURED !!! As you’ll see in the images that follow. But to their credit Saravan & Kin decided that no amount of rain would stop their beach wedding from going ahead !

The Proposal

The proposal – Television Tower in Sapporo Japan. This was not a planned location as I was carrying the ring with me all the time but waited for the right time to pop the question. This television tower basically looks like a scaled down version of the Eiffel Tower. So I thought to myself that ironically, this campy version of the Eiffel Tower, would make the perfect location for the proposal. Once we were at the viewing area, which had sprawling views of the Sapporo city skyline, I chose a quiet corner to do the deed. While she was sitting down, I got down to one knee and asked her if she would do me the honor.

She paused for a long time (or what it seemed to me) as she said she was too surprised. But she did say yes!

The Details

Ceremony location: Hyatt Coolum Resort – On the resort’s private beach

Reception location: Initially planned at the resort’s village square pool but switched to one of the banquet rooms due to adverse weather looming.

Gown: A 2nd hand wedding gown we picked up in Hong Kong. We had a look at hundreds of dresses, but for some reason, this particular dress caught Kinuko’s eye and she bought it almost immediately.

Engagement ring was ordered through Diamonds international. On doing my research I already knew what I wanted, so it was easy for me to choose the ring. Wedding band was purchased during our holiday in Singapore and it was an eternity ring with small diamonds all round the circumference.

Celebrant:Robyn Solomon, Wedding Coordinator:Kelly Edmonds (Hyatt Regencie’s in house planner) Decorator: Cloud 9, Hair: Amy from Particulart, Hairpiece made from orchids through Cloud 9, Bridal party attire: The bridesmaids dresses were ordered online through Amazing website for dresses in general, Videography: Daniel Tupas, Make-up: Amy from Particulart, Flowers: Organised through Cloud 9,Stationery: Self made through ordering paper online and made via watching tutorial videos online. Entertainment: We played games during the reception. One included, blindfolding the bride and lining up all the guys in the room to let the bride feel the stomach of all those boys. If the bride guesses the groom correctly, she wins!

Ok at this point we were getting close to Kin arriving for the ceremony, everyone had seen the dark clouds looming.. We’d checked the radar to see what was coming but nothing showed. Without any warning whatsoever the heavens opened and it didn’t just rain, it poured !!! It poured for what seemed like forever !! There was probably about 6 of us huddled under the only umbrella within running distance. Most of the guests retreated back up to find cover off the beach but everyone was drenched by this time so we stayed on the beach and photographed the mayhem ! What great memories to have ! Even with the best planning sometimes things turned pear shaped and you just have to roll with it.. Kin & Saravan didn’t let a little rain ruin their day and after the downpour we continued with the ceremony !

Honeymoon: Planning for a honeymoon in Thailand. Will only be able to after I accrue more leave!!

Funniest Moment: All the guests fleeing from the beach, when it started raining very heavily within a couple of seconds.

Favourite Wedding Day moment: Everyone coming back for the ceremony despite being heavily drenched before.

Special thanks to: My MC kirana, who despite all the running around and talking to people to figure out stuff, still managed to get the show moving at a good pace and overall did a great job as the MC

In your experience what did you value most about using Ben Clark Photography ?

If we didn’t use Ben Clark Photography we definitely would have missed out on those priceless shots when everyone was fleeing from the rain. In my case Ben stayed back in the rain and was still taking pictures.

Advice for other brides-to-be: Don’t let small hiccups on your wedding day, derail you. Take these small hiccups as small contributions to the memories of your wedding day and go with the flow!

Thank you Saravan & Kin I had a ball photographing your special day and it will be one to remember for all involved !


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  1. Cheers Ben.

    You were a legend on the day. Looking at the photos plus how you carried yourself on the day, we are more than happy that we chose you as the photographer.

    Thanks a mil

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