The Boys....

Grooms Prep

Or as I like to call it, ‘let’s see what you’ve forgotten to bring…’
It really is a lot of fun hanging with the guys in the morning, you just never know what’s going to happen..
But rest assured, we’ll always have a lot of laughs !

“Ben, thank you for not only photographing our wedding day, but for everything else you did on the day. You were the one folding pocket squares and pinning buttonholes on all morning, I’m not sure the guys would have made it to the chapel without you!!”

“All of our guests have raved about how fun and cruisy you were throughout the night but managed to catch our most natural and intimate moments.”

the special moments

special guests

the crew

"He really went above and beyond for us, offering to take us to another location in his personal car and and getting the limo to drive around the block to pick us up because there was no way i was walking back up all of those stairs in my heels! But in all seriousness, his professionalism and uniqueness in capturing all of our precious, happy and beautiful moments, he put in a tremendous amount of effort and the passion he put into it was as if he was taking photos of his own wedding day. You can tell that he puts a lot of thought into each photo that he captures and turns it into a story…. our story!"

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