A bit about Me

Well hello there !

I’ve been doing this photography gig for a bit of a while now I guess you’d say, 20 years in fact !!

That’s a lot of weddings !!
I stopped counting the number of weddings I’ve photographed it’s well and truly over 800 now !

In this time I’ve photographed weddings all over Australia and overseas, it’s hard to call what I do work really.

Why Shoot Weddings?

That’s a great question !

Well, in short it’s like going to a party every weekend !

A party where everyone is happy and having an awesome time celebrating the joining of two families.

Now what’s not to love about that ?

So what makes me get up in the morning ?

I’m also a Husband and a Dad to two beautiful kids. Lisa my gorgeous wife shares my passion for creating lasting memories and with both kids at school and us working most weekends our lives can be pretty crazy!

brisbane wedding photographer, wedding photography brisbane
brisbane wedding photographer, wedding photography brisbane

Do you travel ?

You bet !

Many people dream of that destination wedding.
Whether it’s to be closer to family members or you’ve always wanted to get to get married in the Cook Islands !
I travel all over to photograph amazing couples and their gorgeous weddings.

I also photograph weddings close to home.
If you’re looking for Gold Coast, Brisbane or Sunshine Coast wedding photography get in touch !

Let's Chat !

With so many wedding photographers in Brisbane it can be hard to know who to trust. After all, your wedding is just one day, and one chance to get it right. Take a look through my image galleries to see what my style is like and how I’ve photographed other weddings in the past. If you would like to see more images or have a chat about your own wedding, get in contact with me to arrange a visit to my studio or plan a zoom meeting ..

brisbane wedding photographer, wedding photography brisbane

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