How will your wedding day timeline look ?

Your wedding is fast approaching and you have no idea how long to allow for your photographer to capture all of those amazing moments !
In our initial appointment whether in person or via zoom etc we’ll chat about your specific wedding timeline and how things will probably pan out.
Weddings are very fluid and things can and do happen all the time that can affect your timings.
But with a solid plan and a great team of vendors you can limit your chances of things running behind schedule.

We will also catch up again approximately 4-6 weeks out from your wedding day and revisit your schedule.

By now you’ve locked in all your accomodation & transport needs and we can paint a much clearer picture of exactly how your wedding day will run.

Having photographed almost a thousand weddings I’ve pretty much seen everything that could go wrong or threaten to throw a spanner in the works.
When we have our final pre wedding catch up that’s when we’ll lock in all of our timings for the day !

Wedding Day
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