The perfectly imperfect wedding

As much as we all want the perfect wedding, weddings can be anything but perfect.

Wedding Photography, so many different styles, so many different photographers.

When looking for your photographer you really need to ask yourself what is important to you, do you want a photographer that will meticulously set up perfect family photos that have been posed within an inch of their life ?
Or would you prefer a more casual, relaxed affair where the world won’t end if Uncle Gary’s jacket isn’t buttoned perfectly & that beautiful Summer breeze may just blow your Aunt Dorothy’s hair a little to one side.

My style is most definitely not on the posey side, life’s too short for boring photos !

I think when planning a wedding we would all like everything to go just perfectly, but in reality, that’s just not what weddings are really like.

There are a thousand little things that could potentially throw a spanner in the works for you on your wedding day and it’s your choice and your choice alone as to whether you roll with the punches, put a smile on your dial and enjoy your day regardless.
I’ve seen everything go wrong that could go wrong from Priests running late to wedding cars breaking down, from the Brides flowers being totally redone and delivered 5mins before the ceremony to the Father of the bride forgetting his shoes and only finding out 30 mins before the wedding that they’re missing. I’ve seen the MC turn up an hour late to the reception & I’ve witnessed countless outdoor ceremonies’ get rained out.

One of my more recent weddings the groom went for a jog two weeks out from the wedding, had a heart attack and was clinically dead for 20 minutes.
Thank God there were bystanders there that performed CPR nonstop until paramedics arrived and he was able to be revived.
Off to hospital he went and had a pacemaker fitted, he was given a 3% chance of pulling through. He awoke from his coma and was married 2 weeks later, do you think they cared about the weather ?

I could write a book on the things that have gone wrong at weddings, but on every one of those occasions the couple just simply had the very best day that they could, they made it awesome, they made it amazing.

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter if it rains, or if your Arbor blows over in the middle of your ceremony (yep it happened) or even if your priest gets the ceremony time wrong by an hour
and you have to drive around the block until he turns up (yep also happened) because weddings aren’t perfect.

You know what is perfect ?

That moment you slide that wedding ring onto your partners finger, that right there is the most perfect part of your day. Everything else is subject to change at any given moment.

Weddings are very rarely perfect, and that’s ok.

That is the very reason why I love weddings, you just never know what is going to happen !

What’s that ? Oh the cake hasn’t turned up, all good the chef is actually making it now and it will be here in time for the cake cutting, just …
Yes this also happened ..

Every one of these imperfect weddings was made perfect because the couple chose to look past the imperfections, the realization that they were married was all they really needed.

Give me an amazing couple with awesome friends who are determined to have an equally amazing wedding regardless of what happens and I’m in my element.

Weddings aren’t perfect, but if at the end of your wedding day you are married then everything went just as it was meant to.

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