“Well That Was Freakin EPIC !!! ..”

Brisbane Wedding Photographer

"When we first met Ben we walked away from our appointment thinking yep he’s the one!"

"So many photos that we love, thank you so much!" "You were one of the only things about wedding planning that we weren’t stressed about" "Your attention to detail is impeccable ….. Your amazing sense of humor put us all at ease and kept us on schedule !" "Brisbane Wedding Photography Done Right" "Because life's too short to have boring wedding photos"

Brisbane Wedding Photographer

Welcome to Ben Clark Photography

Hate the thought of posed photos ?

Me too !!

I’ve been a Brisbane Wedding Photographer for over 20 years now and simply love photographing weddings ! 

Your wedding day will be filled with a thousand little moments that happen all on their own so you’ll need a photographer that can capture them as they happen, not recreate them after they’ve passed. This in itself is a skill that takes many years to master.
Having photographed close to 1000 weddings you gain a bit of a sixth sense to know what will likely happen before it does happen.

Being a Brisbane wedding photographer is more than just a job, it’s a heartfelt journey filled with love, emotions, and unforgettable connections. In this bustling city of Brisbane, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing and documenting countless love stories, and it’s the emotional connections that truly make this job extraordinary.

What I love about weddings is the people. The couples, their families, and their friends who bring a genuine warmth and authenticity to every celebration. As a Brisbane wedding photographer, I’m not just there to take photos, I’m there to connect with the people who invite me into their most intimate moments. It’s the smiles, the tears of joy, and the laughter that create a tapestry of emotions that I have the privilege of capturing.

Emotional connections are at the heart of every wedding. From the nervous excitement before the ceremony to the heartfelt vows and the exuberant celebrations that follow, weddings are a roller-coaster of emotions. As a wedding photographer, my goal is to document these emotions in their raw and unfiltered form. It’s in the stolen glances between the newlyweds, the tearful embraces, and the spontaneous bursts of laughter that I find my inspiration.

Brisbane’s vibrant and diverse culture adds another layer of richness to the weddings I photograph. Whether it’s a traditional ceremony steeped in cultural rituals or a modern, cosmopolitan celebration, the cultural diversity in Brisbane makes every wedding unique. It’s an honour to capture the fusion of traditions, values, and emotions that come together on a wedding day.

So if you’re looking for natural moments and like the idea of sharing a lot of laughs then I might just be your guy..

And trust me when I say there will be a lot of laughs !

Brisbane Wedding Sirromet

about Ben

Well Hello There ....
Pic of Ben
Brisbane Wedding Photographer Ben Clark

I’ve been doing this photography gig for a bit of a while now I guess you’d say, 20 years in fact!!
That’s a lot of weddings !!
I stopped counting the number of weddings I’ve photographed it’s well and truly over 800 now !

I’ve also had the opportunity to travel while shooting the odd overseas wedding. Be sure to check out my New York City Gallery

Photographing weddings isn’t just my job, it’s who I am. I put my heart & soul into each & every wedding that I shoot.

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Brisbane Wedding Photography

I'd really love to hear your story too

When I turn up to your wedding you can relax knowing that you’re in great hands !
Knowing that I’ve already thought about where we’ll be shooting,
how long it will take for you and your bridesmaids to get ready and I also know that when I turn up to the boys that they’ll have trouble with their ties.
We’ll possibly be missing a groomsmen and at least one of the boys will still have price tags hanging off his suit.

How do I know all these things?

Having photographed close to 1000 weddings I’ve pretty much seen it all.!

Take a good look around, there’s lots to see ! 

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