An RV, a couple of nights in Vegas and Pizza in New York…

I can’t believe I’ve been back a week already !

The WPPI conference in Vegas is always a big attraction to us photographers, 16’000 photographers all in the one casino to learn, share ideas and generally have a good time.

But I must say it was the days leading up to the conference that I’ll always remember, myself and 4 other photographers driving from Vegas to the Grand Canyon and back in 3 and a half days !

That’s just under 900 miles all up, that’s almost 1500 kilometers !! We did a lot of shooting in that time and visited many places in our travels.

Amongst our favourite places were Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, Antelope Canyon and of course the Grand Canyon.

It was a load of fun driving the highways and if you’re thinking it might be for you then all I can say is do it !!

So after our RV trip through the desert we had two nights in Vegas before heading over to New York for 5 days, New York Pizza is fantastic !

As much as I loved my time away it’s always nice to come home and now a week later I’m back in Wedding mode and this weekend kicks off what is going to be a VERY busy year !

Below are two of my favourite images from the trip, I’ll post more in the weeks to come but I can see a book developing from the many images captured in my travels.

4 thoughts on “An RV, a couple of nights in Vegas and Pizza in New York…”

  1. I agree, two is not enough! Have to say though, the bottom pic that looks like the road to the unknown (for those of us that were not there) would make an AWESOME wall canvas! They are great, cannot wait to see more!

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