Wedding reception coverage, do you really need it ?

Wedding reception coverage, do you really need it ?

I quite often hear those words – do I need to photograph my wedding reception

I thought I’d write a little post on reception coverage, what I actually photograph and why

Let’s face it, we’ve all been at a wedding at some point in time when that pesky photographer has hassled everyone all night and just won’t let up .

He or she cruises the room asking all the guests at each table to stand together so the shot can be taken and all you really want to do is be left alone.

Well that’s exactly what I DON’T do

Sure some guests ask me to take their photo and of course I’m more than happy to do so but for me, photographing your reception is about capturing your family and friends enjoying themselves.

So I’m always listening, waiting to hear that familiar sound of laughter, I’m like a moth to a flame and bam the moment is captured !

Most of the time your guests won’t even know that I’ve just captured that moment of craziness that they thought they got away with !

Then there are the speeches etc and all the tears and emotion that go along with them, more moments that you’ll treasure forever

Once all the formalities are over and it’s time to kick your heels up on the dance floor

I’ll be there to capture your first dance and the craziness that generally follows

So when it’s time for your wedding reception all you have to worry about is having the time of your life because it’s all taken care of

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Wedding Reception PhotosWedding Reception Photos

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Do I need to photograph my wedding reception
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Do I need to photograph my wedding reception
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