Why Do Weddings Cost So Much

Wedding Photography Prices

Why the heck does wedding photography cost so much ?

Well I’m glad you asked.
There’s an awful lot of wedding photographers out there charging a variety of different prices, some include all day coverage and some charge out at an hourly rate.
Either way you can rest assured that however long your photographer spends with you on your wedding day he or she will spend 3 times longer in post processing, basically taking a great image and making it freaking awesome !
Making it the best it can be, and lets be honest, it’s your wedding day, you want to look your best right ?
If you’re looking at getting a wedding album then you can most likely add an extra couple of days to the post processing time as there is the design and layout of your gorgeous album.
We also have things like new cameras & lenses, software , back up systems, all of these things are expenses that we carry every year.
This is just the cost of running a business and it‘s not cheap but you can rest easy knowing that your precious images are well taken care of and you won’t see me on your TV Sunday night getting chased by a camera crew and a bunch of angry brides demanding their images.
My albums are all Australian made (handcrafted) and I make sure that they are the best quality available, if you’d like a Chinese made inferior product that will most likely fall apart after 2 years I’m probably not your guy.

With over 800 weddings photographed you can rest assured in you’re in great hands !

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