Vogue D’Arte – The album of awesomeness

Recently I was chatting with my good friend Michael Zervos from PMAA (photo mounts and albums Australia) and he mentioned to me that PMAA were in the middle of a super top secret, brand new never been seen before album.

Well needless to say he had my interest from that moment and when the Vogue D’Arte became available I made sure I was one of the first to see it in the flesh, and I wasn’t disappointed!

The level of quality and skill that has gone into this album from the printing to the gorgeous binding is second to none!

The PMAA team have come up with this album to combat the overseas market, and have succeeded with flying colours !

The cover selection for the Vogue D’Arte album is the same as their flushmount series so you can offer your clients whatever they like !

The team at PMAA have priced this album in a way that competes directly with the overseas market, yet delivers an all Australian product right here in our own backyard.

My clients have been absolutely delighted with their Vogue D’Arte albums and I’ve been hearing nothing but rave reviews!

If you’re currently using a different supplier or are sourcing your albums from overseas then the Vogue D’Arte album range really is a must see for you.

Beautiful black and whites that show off the amazing detail in every print

The edge to edge in house printing that PMAA use for their albums is just beautiful !

I’m a firm believer in clients generally buying what they see in front of them.

Previously I hadn’t offered an ‘in between’ type album to those couples who’s budgets may not have stretched to a designer flushmount album, I didn’t want to offer a product that I didn’t have 100% faith in, and in getting a couple of sample albums from overseas I was never 100% happy with what was on offer.

I knew of photographers that were using less than average suppliers and often their motto was “yeah but it’s half the price ! “ It may well have been but I couldn’t do that to my clients, I wanted them to love their album as much as I did ! So I just didn’t feel right offering a cheaper alternative.

Vogue D’Arte – The album of awesomeness allows me to offer my clients a beautiful designer album with the same cover choices and the same feel as a flushmount album at a very competitive price.

So for my studio it’s been a win win ! My clients are happy, so in turn I’m happy.

I’ve been a loyal customer of Photo Mounts and Albums for 12 years and have been more than happy with their level of service and manufacture with the hundreds of albums I’ve delivered to my clients over the years.

Michael, Ioanna and the team at PMAA have played a vital role in the ongoing success of Ben Clark Photography since 2001 when I opened my doors and I look to the future knowing that Photo Mounts and Albums Australia will always be at the forefront of album innovation, creation and design.

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  1. I’m right there with you Ben! I have just recently started offering Vogue Albums and clients so far are thrilled with the overall look, feel and quality of them! I am VERY happy and PMA should be incredibly proud of developing and offering this product! xx

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