Something for Me ……

As a wedding photographer I love what I do, and getting to photograph amazing couples in amazing places is so much fun, it’s hard to call what I do work.
With a busy family life, running a business and the day to day challenges of life that we all face it’s not often that I get to shoot just for me…
Just for the sake of shooting…For the soul ..
So recently I had the chance to travel with good friend and fellow photographer Steve Thomas to Singapore for 5 days of exploring the “other side” of Singapore.
My trip to Singapore was met with uncertainty as it wasn’t really a place I’d ever thought of visiting, usually Singapore is seen as a stopover to somewhere else.
But after our short stay I was so glad that I went, the country is just beautiful.
This collection of images are a few favourites taken mostly in areas that are not frequented by tourists.
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