So you’re on the hunt for a Kick-Ass photographer for your wedding ?

Are you looking for

Someone that knows weddings inside and out ?
Someone that won’t make your bridal party jump in the air ?
Someone that can wrangle 150 guests without a Taser ?
Someone that can pin on those blasted buttonholes ?
Someone that you’ll share a lot laughs with ?
Someone that might just make you cry, but in a good way ?
Someone that laughs in the face of bad weather and says ‘Is that the best you got?’
Someone that has photographed almost 800 weddings and still loves it ?
Someone that won’t make you do corny posed photos ?
Someone that can drive your Mum to the church because no one thought about her ?
Someone that can help push start your wedding car in the rain because it had a flat battery ?
Someone that will arrive 30 mins early because being late is just not an option… EVER  !
Someone that won’t be in your face all day barking orders at you and your guests ?
Someone that understands that it’s YOUR day and not theirs ?
Someone that is willing to take a sparkler burn to the arm ‘to get the shot’ ?

If you’ve answered yes to all of the above then you probably should get in touch.

Get In Touch With Ben Stat !

Show me some pretty freakin awesome pics !

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Fill out this form and I’ll be in touch lickity Split !

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