"When I turned he was on one knee. Very romantic. I started balling, I honestly couldn’t believe it. "

Jessica & Michael Sirromet Winery 24.04.21

Tell Us How You Met

The scene must be set.

A poorly lit laboratory room. Bubbling baths of rat intestine stretched within containers of fluid. Michael had been working as a laboratory demonstrator during his first years of medical school and Jess was in her second year of pharmacy. The poorly lit room probably worked to Michael’s benefit, because Jess was instantly intrigued by him. The fates aligned and Jess conveniently “misplaced” her laptop and messaged Michael to help her retrieve it. In typical boy fashion Michael had no idea Jess was attracted to him, and completely defused her ruse. Thankfully, and only as a result of Jess’ persistence, was it that at the end of the course they began to message frequently, which led to their first date.

They chose a movie “The End of the World”, quite possibly the worst movie either of them had the misfortune of seeing. Naturally, they both said they loved it. It led to many more dates, and a happy seven years together leading to today.

Pearl & Bean

The proposal

Well, Michael and I went overseas to America. About halfway into the trip when we were in the white mountains (New Hampshire state Forrest – north, west of Boston city), Michael suggested that we take a hike up mount Willard. Now this day was snowy, in fact it was one of the first snowstorms of the season but that didn’t deter Michael. We trekked up the mountain through knee deep snow. I complained the entire way up. I kept suggesting that the snow was too thick, and we would get stuck up there. I wanted to turn back before we even started. We could barely see in front of us, on the way up. Once we got to the summit, the visibility was so low we couldn’t see 2 meters Infront. He told me to go to the edge and to see what I could see. I laughingly went over because I thought he was having a joke at my expense. It was clear we couldn’t see anything, but I walked the couple of metres to the edge. I turned around to confirm, yep can’t see anything! When I turned he was on one knee. Very romantic. I started balling, I honestly couldn’t believe it. I had no idea. The whole trip he had the ring, and I hadn’t had one clue. Even when he got pulled into the customs office as we were entering the country because he had the ring in a sock in his carry on. I just stood outside the customs interview room and was thinking, “it was his Mexican looking beard/Goatee that had him looking suspicious. holy moly wasn’t the joke on me. Anyways, after some selfies (taken with an especially bought selfie stick), I ran down the mountain, leaping and bounding 4 times faster than the climb. I was over the moon with joy.

“The All Important Details.”

Ceremony location: Sirromet winery – The Amoroso

 Reception location: sirromet winery – The Tuscan Terrace

 Gown: Made with love bridal – maxx gown

 Shoes: bared foot ware

 Wedding bands and engagement rings: Stephan Dibb jeweller

 Celebrant: Renee Wilkins

 Wedding Coordinator: Joanna Murdoch

 Decorator: Julie Vine

 Hair: Priya Bilkhu

  Bridal party attire: Pilgrm

 Make-up: Priya Bilkhu

 Flowers: Luxe Botanica

  Cake: Sassafras of Paddington

 MC:  Phillip Langshaw

 Music: Baker Boys Band

Photography: Ben Clark Photography

Favourite Wedding Day moment

Our First Dance

Advice for other COUPLES

Stay organised and take everything as it comes. There will be things that don’t work out but don’t let it ruin your day!

Special Thanks To ....

Ed and Narelle Langshaw

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