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It’s all about the details .. or is it ???

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Every now and again I’ll send a few weddings off to different real life wedding blogs all over the world, sometimes they get published and sometimes they don’t, it depends very much on the target audience for that particular blog.

When I get a ‘Thanks but … ‘ email,  it’s usually the same , and it goes a little something like this.

“Thanks so much for sending this wedding our way, it’s gorgeous! Right now, we’re looking to share weddings with a bit more focus on details and wedding design than this one.

I greatly appreciate you taking the time to share this wedding with me though! I am always searching for unique weddings where the couple made a lot of the details, or a bride with a unique or vintage dress, etc, so please keep us posted on future features you may have!
Thank you again”

My automatic reply in my head is ‘Oh another wedding blog whose content is heavy on details,
(IE: many many images of details, details and more details with very few guests / family)

Don’t get me wrong, I photograph details, the dress, flowers, shoes, table settings etc but they will always come second to an emotional image of your brides maids tearing up as you’re getting ready..

I often hear ‘Oh I’m so glad you got that image of my Grandad laughing with my Mum, it’s so precious now that he’s not with us any more’

I’ve yet to hear ‘oh I’m so glad you got that close up of my vintage suitcase that I bought off eBay for 10.00’ ….

It’s funny how images of family and friends become so much more valuable as time goes on ..

I photographed a wedding earlier this year, (this was my second wedding for this particular family in the last 5 years) the mother of both grooms (brothers) had become ill over the last couple of years and sadly passed away only weeks after the second wedding .

One of the images I’d taken of her smiling and looking just beautiful was used at her funeral.

So what’s the point of this post ?
What are you getting at I hear you ask .

The point is to remember what and who is most important to you in your life right now, the family and friends you hold closest to your heart.

I can absolutely without a doubt guarantee that in 20 years time when you are looking at your wedding photos it will be the images of your friends and family that will make you smile, laugh and cry …

The details will still get photographed but keep in mind what really matters.

If family, friends, candid moments, emotional images & a lifetime of memories are important to you then give me a call

Below – Remembering Pina 2010

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