Fix Restaurant Wedding – Sam & Ian

Welcome to another real life wedding !

Sam & Ian’s wedding had a Scottish influence !

Enjoy this little sneak peek !

Sam_Ian_0041Sam_Ian_0075Sam_Ian_0130Sam_Ian_0261Sam_Ian_0196Sam_Ian_0201Sam_Ian_0300 copySam_Ian_0392 copySam_Ian_0309 copySam_Ian_0383 copySam_Ian_0508Sam_Ian_0659


Sam_Ian_0813Sam_Ian_0887Sam_Ian_1022Sam_Ian_0904Sam_Ian_0948Sam_Ian_1219 copySam_Ian_1202Sam_Ian_1333Sam_Ian_1389aSam_Ian_1393Sam_Ian_1452Sam_Ian_1676a

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