How to find a wedding photographer for your wedding

One of the toughest decisions you may face with your wedding can be choosing which photographer is right for you !

tips on finding a wedding photographer

1.Find a Style you love. You’re going to be looking at your wedding photos for many years to come so you want to make sure that you love them!
This isn’t as easy as you think, asking your photographer to shoot like someone else is never a good idea and usually ends badly.
Every photographer shoots their own unique style so track down a photographer who’s work you love !
Your photographer will generally shoot your wedding a particular way, some photographers are very posed and set up, others more ‘fly on the wall’.
Find this out before you book them as you only get one chance to get it right.

2.Take a good look at their work. This may sound like a no brainer but don’t just look at ‘the best of’ ..
You really want to see complete weddings from start to finish to see what to expect from your own wedding.

3.Get In Touch. We live in a modern world and everyone’s busy, but to really get to know your wedding photographer sometimes
a simple phone call is all it takes. You’ll be able to get a feel for their personality straight up !
95% of inquiries these days are via email which is great but to really get to know someone you need that face to face interaction.
If you’re not able to visit the studio or call then maybe ask about setting up a face time session.
Another item worth noting is reply time, how long has it taken for you to receive a reply to your email or phone call ?
If you haven’t heard anything for 24 hours then I’d be asking some serious questions.
Sure if it’s a weekend they could very well be photographing a wedding, or even be away but go with your gut on this.
If it takes him or her 4 or 5 days to get back to you then how long will you be waiting for your images ?

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4.During your meeting. Ok so you’ve emailed, called etc and set up an appointment. Sweet !
Think to yourself, ok this person is going to be with me pretty much all day, do I like them ?
Personalities are funny things, they give each of us our uniqueness which is awesome, but if your photographer is shy and not comfortable rallying 150 guests for a group photo then you could have a problem.
Sure you have an MC who could probably help but your photographer should be all over it.
In other words just take note during your meeting how you all get on, if you’re not feeling at ease on your wedding day this will reflect in your photographs.

5.Check their credentials. Asking a few simple questions could very well get you out of a sticky situation.
As a professional they should have all the right insurances in place and a decent set of back up gear.
Public liability insurance ? Sounds simple but you’d be amazed at the number of photographers out there without it.
If a camera fails what are their processes ?
Unfortunately cameras are prone to failure, back up camera bodies and lenses are an absolute must.

6.Ask about Price. Ive listed price close to last for good reason, if you choose your photographer and they don’t measure up to the above list then you could be in strife.
Price will certainly play a part in choosing your photographer but don’t let it be your main focus.
There are literally thousands of photographers out there to choose from and finding yours should be an enjoyable process.
If you’ve met with your chosen photographer and you’re satisfied with everything we’ve discussed then it’s time to talk about your needs and the costs involved.
There are photographers for all budgets but do your research. Ask a few simple questions.
If you’re getting the runaround then walk away.
Your photographer should be totally transparent regarding prices.

7.Enjoy your wedding day. Everything is set, your photographer is booked so what next ?
Well you’ll have another meeting before your wedding to iron out the logistics and timeline and then it’s time to just enjoy your day.
Your wedding day should be spent catching up with family and friends, and enjoying the magic of the day.
If you remember these few simple things then you’ll be able to relax knowing that your photographer will be amazing.


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