Brisbane City Hall Wedding – Katey & Jarrod

Welcome to another ‘Real Life’ Wedding!

Today Katey & Jarrod are our newlyweds !

I often say that I’m a sucker for emotion and wow was there plenty of that going around at this wedding !

We shared so many laughs and Lisa & I  I really felt a part of your families, this to me is so important when it comes to photographing weddings.

If that connection isn’t there it becomes a job, and I’m lucky enough to say that I connect with all of my couples and can hardly call what I do ‘work’ ..

It’s such an amazing experience being able to share in such a beautiful day, two people joining as one ..

Anyway, enough of the mushy stuff !


Theme: Classic and elegant

Tell us how you met

In London on Christmas Day in 2008, we ended up at the same Christmas party

The proposal

2 weeks before we left London Jarrod got down on one knee at our home

The Details

Ceremony location: St John’s Cathedral, Reception location: The Brisbane Room, City Hall , Gown: Wendy Sullivan at Brides Desire

Wedding bands and engagement rings: Wedding bands from Bellrose Jewellers and engagement ring from Beaverbrooks Jewellers in London

priest – Reverend Pam Hynd , Wedding Coordinator: Me and my Mum!!  – Decorator: Elegant Settings

Hair: George from George Salon – Hair piece: Hair piece made from the same material as my dress by Brides Desire

Bridal party attire: Girls – Gossip Gowns, Boys – Spurling – Make-up: Mel Belleli – Flowers: Always Fabulous Flowers

Stationery: Wedding Art – Cake: Cheese Wheels bought at Black Pearl Epicure. My mother then decorated it.


Music: Matt Guy – A friend of mine who is a DJ

Transport: 3 white vintage Mercedes Benz from A Classic Benz

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We will be going on a short ‘minimoon’ at the Gold Coast straight after, the wedding but heading to Japan in January for a snowboard trip

Funniest Moment

The Bridesmaids speech and game they made us play, we had no idea it was organised, it had everyone in stitches.

Favourite Wedding Day moment

Walking out of the Church as husband and wife with all our family and friends.

What did you value most about using Ben Clark Photography ?

Ben and his wife Lisa were the absolute best photographers we could have asked for.

Ben made us feel at ease with no stress. He was a true professional and we cannot wait to see the photos !!

Advice for other brides & Grooms-to-be

Sit back and enjoy the day!!

Oh and don’t forget to eat. !


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