Australian Professional Photography Awards (APPA) Wrap up – Sydney 2014

Who would have thought that 4 simple letters when put together could strike fear into thousands of photographers Australia wide and literally make grown men cry ..

This last sentence may sound a little far fetched but I can assure you that when it comes to photography awards that the Australian APPA awards are arguably the best in the world.

So what does all this mean I hear you ask ? Hurry up and get to the point ! ?

Well of the hundreds of thousands of images that I shoot every year I am allowed to choose only four, FOUR !!

That’s like having 6 children and being asked which your favourite 3 are …  I love every image that I photograph and to choose only 4 is just an amazingly difficult task !

To make things harder yet there are over 10 categories to enter into, but for me my passion lies with wedding & travel.

And so with many other photographers Australia wide we sent our four prints off to be judged in Sydney by a panel of Australia’s  finest photographers.

This year I chose three travel images and one wedding image and am very happy to report that three of my images scored very well !

My travel images were taken earlier this year on my bi annual trip to the USA.

Every image is scored between 50 and 100 with awards being 80 and above .

My scores

95 Gold with Distinction

92 Gold

85 Silver with Distinction

78 – 2 points short of an award

The images in order of scores


USA_2014_0467aUSA_2014_0354bKristen_Mark_0411cAll in all a great result and I can rest easy until APPA 2015  !

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